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Scotland has a fantastic variety of campsites and wild camping spots for you to choose from.

It’s a good idea to plan ahead and book campsites in advance as many sites will be fully booked, particularly during the school holidays and in the winter when many campsites close.

If you’re going off the beaten track and looking to choose a beautiful location to wild camp then please bear in mind a few common sense rules.

Don’t stay in one place longer than a couple of nights before moving on.

Leave your site as you found it. Keep your litter inside so it won't be raided by animals and take it away with you. Inconsiderate camping damages the environment and local willingness to permit wild camping.

Obey regulations – many car parks and some lay bys will have signs prohibiting overnight parking. Also beware of overhead barriers at car park entrances and know the height of your camper van!

It’s useful to research where you’d like to visit before hitting the road. In particular some islands don’t permit camper vans unless you use an organised campsite so it’s good to be prepared and book in advance (this is usually due to damage to fragile habitats).

As well as planning your campsites in advance it is also important to book ferries in advance. In fact it's pretty essential during the summer months. Check out Calmac Ferries for timetables and online booking. The good news is our camper vans are all under 5m meaning you pay the same fare as a car.

If you don't plan on hooking up to a mains electricity supply on campsites then you may find that the 12v fridge does not remain cold during the whole rental as it is reliant on the vehicle driving for cooling power. It will always be colder when connected to mains and will remain cooler for longer.

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