Adventure Wagons Terms & Conditions of Hire

Rental Period

The rental period shall be for the period specified on the hire agreement. Collection and return times shall be agreed in advance and confirmed by email by Adventure Wagons. Hirers should allow a minimum of one hour for collection and return. A charge of an additional days rental will be made for late return. Hire of the vehicle will not commence if you do not confirm your acceptance of these terms by signing the hire agreement.

There is no refund for early return.


The hirer must provide –

Full Driving licence of all drivers. UK hirers must complete a DVLA check in advance of the hire.

2 utility bills less than 3 months old in the hirer’s name and address as specified at booking and matching driving licence address.

Passport of main driver.

Handover report

A handover condition report will be completed with the hirer and a member of Adventure Wagons’ staff at collection. Both parties must sign to confirm agreement. This will identify the condition of the vehicle at pick up and be used for comparison on return.

Care of the vehicle

The hirer has responsibility for taking good care of the campervan and its keys while it is in your possession. It must be safely and legally parked. When unattended it should be locked securely and valuables should be kept out of sight.

It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure the vehicle is filled with the correct fuel. The vehicle will be supplied with a full tank of fuel. The vehicle should be returned at the end of hire full of fuel.

You must not sell, rent, or dispose of the vehicle or any of its fixtures or parts included in the hire. You must not grant anyone legal rights over the vehicle.

The hirer must not let anyone work on the vehicle without seeking prior permission from Adventure Wagons. This includes replacement or repair of tyres. The hirer must contact Adventure Wagons as soon as they become aware of a fault with the vehicle.

The hirer will be responsible for breakages or repairs to the vehicle or its contents during your hire period.

The vehicle will be supplied with an inventory of contents which should be checked and agreed at collection and on return.

The hirer is responsible for any loss or damage to the vehicle caused by negligence, misuse or otherwise, whether caused by the hirer or another party.

The vehicle should be returned in a clean and tidy state. If the vehicle requires to be deep cleaned then a £50 charge will be levied. Please be sure to thoroughly check the vehicle for personal belongings before leaving. Adventure Wagons will not be held responsible for loss of personal belongings.

Smoking is not permitted in the vehicle and a charge of £100 will be levied if this not adhered to.


Only the drivers named on the hire agreement are permitted to drive the vehicle. Any other driver will not be insured and will be reported to the police.

All drivers must be between the age of 25 and 70. Drivers outwith this age range should contact us for a quote. Drivers must have held a full driving licence for 2 years.


The vehicle must not be used for hire or reward, illegal purposes, racing or teaching someone to drive. You must not use the vehicle while under the use of alcohol or drugs.

The vehicle may only be driven in Scotland, England or Wales unless agreed at the time of booking.

Additional Charges –

Fuel tank not full -                           Cost of filling + £10

Smoking in vehicle -                        £100

Vehicle not clean -                           £50

Pets not permitted.

European Cover - Travel to Europe and Ireland not permitted.


Fines and Costs

The hirer is responsible for paying any fines and costs associated with any parking fines, congestion charges or driving penalties. If you do not settle these charges directly then you will be responsible for paying Adventure Wagons to do so on your behalf. We may pass on an administration charge to cover costs associated with this.


The hirer is liable for the insurance excess per incident. Items not covered by the insurance are – damage to windscreen, tyres, roof, undercarriage , driver wear of the clutch or misuse of the engine, theft as a result of keys left in unlocked vehicle, contents of the vehicle.

The hirer is liable for the first 75% of the value of the claim for theft or fire damage caused by cooking in the vehicle.

The hirer’s contents are not covered by the vehicle policy but may be covered by your own travel insurance which we recommend you take out at the time of booking.

The hirer is responsible for checking water and oil levels during the course of the hire. These levels are checked by Adventure Wagons prior to every hire. The hirer will be compensated for oil purchased provided a receipt is produced.

Cancellation by Adventure Wagons

Adventure Wagons reserves the right to cancel a booking at any point if we have reason to believe that the hirer is not suitable to take charge of the vehicle. In such cases the hirer will be refunded monies paid in full.

Accident or breakdown

Accidents, breakdowns and damages must be reported to Adventure Wagons as soon as it is safe and reasonable practical to do so.

The hirer shall be responsible for the costs of breakdown in circumstances where the hirer is negligent, for example running out of fuel, wrong fuel, locking keys inside the vehicle or losing keys.

We accept no liability for replacement vehicle costs, travel or accommodation costs or any other consequential loss claims arising from the breakdown of the vehicle or any accident or other such related causes.

Cancellation by hirer

Cancellation less than four weeks in advance of rental will result in the 25% booking deposit not being returned. Cancellations more than four weeks in advance of rental will be entitled to a refund of the booking deposit. 

No refund for early return.

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