How to Find Us:





Address: Castlebrae Business Center, Unit 33 (Spruce Garden Services), 40 Peffer Place, Edinburgh, EH16 4BB

By Bus: From Edinburgh Airport, take the tram or bus Airlink 100 to Edinburgh city centre. Get off the bus or tram on Princes Street. Continue along Princes street, and turn right on The Bridges.

From Edinburgh Waverley train station, leave station via princess street. Turn right onto The Bridges.

From The Bridges, take a Lothian Bus number 14 (to Greendykes), 30 (to Mussleburgh), 2 (to The Jewl). Ask the driver to let you know when you arrive at Craigmiller Castle Road bus stop.

From the bus stop, turn left at the junction, go past the police station, and turn right at Peffer Place (Omam's pub is on the corner). Head along Peffer Place until you see an art deco building which is signed 'Castlebrae Business Centre'.

Enter the building, and walk around to the back of the building. Go up the stairs. Walk along the corridor to Unit number 33.

Please let us know when you will be arriving.

Download the Transport for Edinburgh App for information and bus tracking.

Alternatively, type in our address in google maps, and it will show you the most efficient way to get here by public transport


By Car: 

If you would like to leave your vehicle while you are away we do have space but this is entirely at your own risk.




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