Driving in the UK

In the UK we drive on the left hand side of the road. Adventure Wagons are based in central Edinburgh close to the motorway network and routes north, south and west. When venturing into highlands and islands you will find narrower, winding roads. In remote areas these might be single track with passing places. It is polite to pull into passing places and allow faster vehicles behind to pass.

Speed Limits

In areas of street lighting the speed limit is 30mph unless another limit is specifically indicated by signs. Around schools and some residential areas signs will indicate a 20mph zone.

The speed limit on motorways is 70mph.

Speed cameras are common in the UK and speeding fines will be passed to the hirer.


There are no toll roads or bridges in Scotland. There are some bridges in England with tolls. There is also a congestion charge to be considered if you are crazy enough to attempt driving in London!


In the UK you should have your driving licence and hire documents with you. You may be asked to present these documents to the police within seven days if required.

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