Welcome to Edinburgh!

Adventure Wagons has two convenient bases where you can pick up your camper van at the beginning of your holiday.

For customers arriving into the city by plane or train it is best to collect from Central Edinburgh. Based less than two miles from Waverley Train Station and Princes Street and on bus routes 8, 23 and 27 it doesn't take long to reach us.

For those of you preferring to avoid the city centre then it may be convenient to pick up from our Dalkeith base. Dalkeith is approximately eight miles south of Edinburgh and is five minutes from the A1 south and A720 city bypass taking you easily towards the north and west.

Wherever you chose to pick up your camper van we will be delighted to meet you and help you on your way. We can provide directions and sightseeing information as well as GPS sat nav available to hire for £15.

Happy Camping!


Welcome to Adventure Wagons! 

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read our new blog!

First I thought I'd talk a bit about Adventure Wagons, who we are and what we've done to create Adventure Wagons. Then in the future you can expect to find posts ranging from trip reports, advice for camping in an Adventure Wagon, suggestions for where to visit and things I hope Adventurers like me will find interesting!

Adventure Wagons is a young business, started in 2014 as a result of many a family dinner spent debating Dragon's Den style ideas between myself (Nikki), my sister Katie and her partner Gary. Gary being a mechanic has always been in to cars, particularly VWs. He's seen a lot of camper vans come through the garage where he works and became interested in their potential as a great base for adventures in Scotland and beyond. Personally I've always loved exploring the great outdoors and when Gary came to me with a potential van I didn't take much persuasion to get on board with the new family business.

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