Last weekend our lovely VW Adventure Wagon went out on her first trip of 2015!

In charge of driving through some changeable and at times challenging weather was our very own Gary. It's easy to forget when the sun starts shining and the days get lighter that it is still February and technically still winter! And boy were we reminded on the trip home when rain turned to sleet and then heavy snow as we passed through Glen Coe, Rannoch Moor and on to Tyndrum. It wasn't until the van reached Callander that the weather finally started to improve. 

Thankfully in true reliable Volkswagen style our Adventure Wagon trooped through steadily and without worry despite the poor driving conditions.


Alex testing the child's bunk with Peppa Pig & Snuggle Bunny

The trip was an opportunity for Gary to get away with partner Katie and four year old Alex. Alex had a great time along with Peppa Pig and Snuggle Bunny testing out the new child's bunk. It's essentially a camp bed that assembles and converts the drving cab into a single bunk. Rated to hold up to 70kg it's ideal for children and perhaps small adults. At 5'6 I'm not sure that I could manage much more than a night or two but for kids and teenagers it's an ideal way to travel as a trio.

Lots of people have asked us about whether it will be cold at night. What is almost certain is that yes you will get a bit chilly on the way to the toilet block at night to brush your teeth before bed. The good news is that when you get back to the van it will be lovely and cosy! We've installed a gas propex heater which be set with a thermostat to come on through the night and top up the temperature in the camper van. The other great thing is the insulation that we packed in during our recent refit of the van serves to keep the van as cool as possible in summer and warm in winter!

Alex's feedback on her trip in the VW Adventure Wagon was a big thumbs up! She loved having her own bunk and sleeping bag as well as watching a DVD with Mum and Dad before bed. So the good news is that our VW camper van is more than comfortable for a family of three to hire with space for teddies. It's also great for making a quick getaway from the city rather than having to travel for 45 minutes or more on a bus out of the city to add to the stress of starting your holiday!

We look forward to hearing from you soon so that we can help plan your next holiday in Scotland!


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