North Coast 500 - Scotland's Answer to Route 66?

Scotland's recently launched North Coast 500 Route is said to be our answer to America's Route 66. A big statement from such a small country but from the feedback we've been receiving from clients and chat online we'd say it deserves every bit of recognition.

The route showcases some of Scotland's best kept secrets. Places where many may miss if they choose only to visit popular tourist spots such as Glencoe, Loch Ness and the Isle of Skye. Download the handy App and browse the interactive map. Along the way you can visit Scotland's very own fairy tale castle, explore deserted golden sandy beaches, enjoy fantastic fresh food and admire the breath taking scenery.

Having completed the North Coast 500 ourselves as a family recently we're keen to let you in on our secrets and help you plan your trip. Here you can find a sample itinerary to get you started. You don't have to stick to it rigidly though. After all the beauty of an Adventure Wagons camper trip is that you have the freedom to choose and make your trip your own. Visiting the sites that interest you and waking up to the sights you chose.

Book a Winter Adventure in Scotland

The summer season is drawing to a close for Adventure Wagons. It's been a fantastic first season for us and we've met fantastic people from all over Europe and as far away as South Africa. We've been pleased to receive fantastic feedback from our hirers and are still making improvements to get the Adventure Wagons experience just right. I think it's fair to say that hiring from us is a special experience. 

We've got good availability for autumn and winter 2015/16 camper van hire. Our VW camper van is ideal for year round use with gas heating, twin gas hobs for cooking and a DVD player for entertainment on longer nights. Whether your thing is beaches, long walks, Munro bagging or skiing and snowboarding in Scotland we've got the camper van for you. A camper van gives you the flexibility to move around where you need to be, if the weather is better at another ski centre then no problem pack up and hit the road.

We've a special offer for bookings on hires between October 2015 and February 2016. Save 10% on your winter adventure when you quote Winter Adventure!

Book now with a low 20% booking deposit before dates fill up!


20% off VW Camper Van Rentals in May 2015

Spring is our favourite season to explore Scotland at Adventure Wagons HQ. Usually spring in Scotland is quite mild and now the April Showers are over it's a great time to get out and about.

We'll soon be fully booked for summer 2015 so to celebrate we're offering a fantastic 20% off all rentals in May 2015! 

Secure your dates by clicking the Book Now button on any page of the Adventure Wagons site. Bookings for 2-6 nights will automatically have 20% deducted. Bookings for 7+ days will be manually adjusted when we receive them to make sure you receive the weekly rate and 20% off!

Adventure Wagons is now conveniently located for pick up at two handy locations. For visitors flying into Edinburgh we can meet you at our Summerhall location, less than ten minutes from The Royal Mile. For those driving to us we recommend collecting your camper van from our secure site at Macmerry in East Lothian where you can park your car safely for the duration of your trip.

Don't delay booking, contact us as soon as possible to start your next big adventure!

Happy Camping!


Last weekend our lovely VW Adventure Wagon went out on her first trip of 2015!

In charge of driving through some changeable and at times challenging weather was our very own Gary. It's easy to forget when the sun starts shining and the days get lighter that it is still February and technically still winter! And boy were we reminded on the trip home when rain turned to sleet and then heavy snow as we passed through Glen Coe, Rannoch Moor and on to Tyndrum. It wasn't until the van reached Callander that the weather finally started to improve. 

Thankfully in true reliable Volkswagen style our Adventure Wagon trooped through steadily and without worry despite the poor driving conditions.

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Top Tips for a Camper Van Adventure

  • Pack smart and layer - the weather in Scotland is unpredictable and changeable, four seasons in one day is not uncommon sadly!
  • Pack lightly - Space is at a premium when you have to travel, cook, hang out and sleep all in a small space. Suitcases and bags with wheels generally don't fit and will get in the way! Pack soft holdall bags or backpacks.
  • Bring some entertainment - our Adventure Wagon is fitted with a flip down DVD player. Bring some DVDs or buy them in a supermarket on your trip. After all you'll need something to do if it rains or in the evening if you haven't got a good country pub near by to visit!
  • Plan your shopping carefully - the fridge in camper van runs on the 12V battery while the van is driving. The most efficient way to run the fridge is hooked up to mains power supply on a campsite. When running on 12V the fridge operates as a cool box and perishables will not last as long as normal. If the fridge is full it will also struggle to maintain a low temperature.
  • Take your time - Don't pack too much into your itinerary. Distance up North takes longer as the roads are narrower and windy at times. Take time to enjoy the scenery and stop regularly. If you're taking things slowly it's polite and prevents accidents to pull over and allow faster vehicles past. This is especially important on single track roads.
  • Book ferry journeys in advance - Book online to ensure your holiday is not held up and there is space for you!

Booking Camper Hire Online with Adventure Wagons

Here at Adventure Wagons HQ we've had a busy week developing our online booking tool to allow you to book your holiday online with a minimum of fuss! Wherever you are in the world and no matter the time zone you can book and pay using our simple step by step booking tool at any time of the day.

All you need to do is click Book Now on any page of the Adventure Wagons site. You'll see the icon to the left of the screen just above our current weather forecast. The link then takes you to an up to date availability calendar which is also preloaded with our hire rates so you can see the final cost right there and then. Select the number of nights you want to stay, tell us who's coming and any extras you want to add and voila our booking tool does the rest! The tool is programmed with our special offers and will make sure you receive the best deal when you stay for a week or more. It even takes your 20% booking deposit securely by PayPal and blocks your holiday off in our calendar.

We hope this new addition to our site simplifies the booking process for our clients and lets you get on with the fun bit which is planning your camper van adventure in Scotland! With so many things to think about when planning your road trip there's no need to wait til the next morning for an email back when all you want to do is book your holiday at 1am in the morning!

Don't worry though if you have any questions you can still contact us for a quote or to discuss special requests. We'll also always be on hand to provide you with helpful travel and itinerary advice to make sure you visit all the best places in Scotland.

Happy travel planning!


Sunrise in Edinburgh

Book now for 2015!

Now that the nights are getting lighter we at Adventure Wagons HQ are starting to get things ready for the 2015 season.

The post winter deep clean is underway and we're busy replying to messages through the website and on Facebook. It's definitely the case that now the Christmas bill has been paid off people are starting to look to their spring and summer holidays.

To make sure you're not disappointed and get the dates you want for your 2015 VW Camper Van holiday we'd recommend contacting us as soon as possible to book. Dates are filling up quickly but availability is still good.

Click here to send us a message and get a quote for your dates.


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