North Coast 500 - Scotland's Answer to Route 66?

Scotland's recently launched North Coast 500 Route is said to be our answer to America's Route 66. A big statement from such a small country but from the feedback we've been receiving from clients and chat online we'd say it deserves every bit of recognition.

The route showcases some of Scotland's best kept secrets. Places where many may miss if they choose only to visit popular tourist spots such as Glencoe, Loch Ness and the Isle of Skye. Download the handy App and browse the interactive map. Along the way you can visit Scotland's very own fairy tale castle, explore deserted golden sandy beaches, enjoy fantastic fresh food and admire the breath taking scenery.

Having completed the North Coast 500 ourselves as a family recently we're keen to let you in on our secrets and help you plan your trip. Here you can find a sample itinerary to get you started. You don't have to stick to it rigidly though. After all the beauty of an Adventure Wagons camper trip is that you have the freedom to choose and make your trip your own. Visiting the sites that interest you and waking up to the sights you chose.


Loch Tay Adventure

Recently, we embarked on a short weekend trip to Loch Tay and Loch Earnhead to see some more of the great Scottish trips.

On day 1 we took the drive through Stirling and Callander to Loch Earnhead where we tested our skills Stand Up Paddle-boarding. This was booked through Loch Earnhead Wake School who offer a wide range of watersports at a very reasonable cost. Once we had our play around in the water, we took the short drive up to Cruachan Caravan & Camping Park where we were staying for a few nights. They had a lot of amenities which were great for us to use such as showers, toilet blocks and washing up facilities. If you didn't fancy camping they had a number of Shepard Huts and Camping Pods which could also be booked out. We took a drive into Killin to have a walk to the Falls of Dochart, where we also treated ourselves to a Hot Chocolate and a slice of cake! In Killin, they had multiple restaurants for people to visit and a small shop where we bought our dinner for the night. 

On our second day, we drove round Loch Tay to Loch Tay Marina where we went out on the water in a double kayak to have a paddle around and also to see the ruins of the Crannog Centre which went up in flames earlier this year. After we got changed, we once again warmed ourselves up with a hot drink admiring the views over Loch Tay before heading into the small village of Kenmore for a bite to eat where we came across a unique and small cafe to enjoy a bacon sandwich and a cuppa. We headed back to the campsite where we headed for a wash and got ready to head out for dinner. After some research and also not wanting to travel too far, we booked ourselves into the Boathouse Restaurant which was based at Loch Tay Holiday Village about 5 minutes away. A lovely restaurant to visit and the staff were great.

I would highly recommend a trip to Loch Tay for a short trip away to experience some watersports on 2 of Scotland's beautiful Loch's.



Welcome to Edinburgh!

Adventure Wagons has a convenient base on the outskirts of Edinburgh where you can pick up your camper van at the beginning of your holiday.

We will be delighted to meet you and set you on your way. We can provide directions and sightseeing information as well as GPS sat nav available.

Happy Camping!

Top Tips for a Camper Van Adventure

  • Pack smart and layer - the weather in Scotland is unpredictable and changeable, four seasons in one day is not uncommon!


  • Pack lightly - Space is at a premium when you have to travel, cook, hang out and sleep all in a small space. Suitcases and bags with wheels generally don't fit and will get in the way! Pack soft holdall bags or backpacks


  • Bring some entertainment - our Adventure Wagon is fitted with a flip down DVD player. Bring some DVDs or buy them in a supermarket on your trip. After all you'll need something to do if it rains or in the evening if you haven't got a good country pub near by to visit!


  • Plan your shopping carefully - the fridge in camper van runs on the 12V battery while the van is driving. The most efficient way to run the fridge is hooked up to mains power supply on a campsite. When running on 12V the fridge operates as a cool box and perishables will not last as long as normal. If the fridge is full it will also struggle to maintain a low temperature.


  • Take your time and plan your journey - Don't pack too much into your itinerary. Distance up North takes longer as the roads are narrower and windy at times. Take time to enjoy the scenery and stop regularly. If you're taking things slowly, it's polite and prevents accidents to pull over and allow faster vehicles past. This is especially important on single track roads.


  • Book ferry journeys in advance - Book online to ensure your holiday is not held up and there is space for you!